The sky is falling

15 11 2008

golden fallThe sky is falling the sky is falling!  Well no, not exactly, but it is worth shouting about.  Here in metro Atlanta we have passed peak foiliage and now the leaves are darkening the sky in the woods when the wind blows.  The floor of the forest looks, in places, like blankets of gold.  I got out late this morning for a run around 10 and managed not to see anyone for the first 4 miles of my run.  

Keep in mind this is in Atlanta!  I ran 4 miles at 10 o’clock on a Sarturday morning in fall’s perfect weather and managed not to see anyone until I reached the hooch.  I still do not understand why Atlanta gets a bad rap for not being a good ourtdoor town.  Okay maybe I do understand, once I was off the single track and down by the river, I saw no less than 200 people, but back on the singletrack I was alone again.  It’s like peek a boo for trail runners here.  

The downed leaves provide a little bit of a challenge with my depth perception more so this year since my surgery. It has not affected me too much until now other than night running.  Night running on trails is a like a different leauge after the surgery, but still manageble! 🙂  

Speaking of eye issues, there is a chance I might be candidate for a clinical trial for Eale’s disease which could possibly restore some of my vision. Woohoo!  But for now I am beyond grateful for the vision I have today and being able to see the sights today. 

Even if the sky is falling, I say “Up with Fall!”


Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye

23 06 2008

Vitrectomy Surgery-

Do not, I repeat, do not make this promise unless you really, really, really, really mean it. I think the particular promise I broke was to Chris Michaels regarding a wooden block or something in kindergarten.

So, Chris I would like to apologize… and for the record it was not worth it. Crime does not pay.

Surgery went well, I am cyclops. Will report more later when the drugs where off.One eye reeve

Drugs are not so bad, at least not yesterday. I was grateful to have whatever they gave me at the hospital. My father and his girlfriend, Cindy came into town for the surgery and took Rinne and I out to eat the night before, at Aspen’s (very good food I might add, but they do not stock lemonade there). We came up and everyone went to bed except me, as I was feeling a little nervous, and also wanted to write a little about my solstice run. I finally got to sleep around 2:30 or so and woke up around 7, took the dogs on a walk in the backyard trails.

I could not remember if they said not to drink water or not, so I took a few sips of water before leaving the house to head to Emory. We checked in, were given the buzzer to let us know when it was time for me to go back to get prepped. I got called back after a relatively short period of time, but not before finding a book in the waiting room The Loneliness of the Long Distance runner. WOW, something is going on here, I suppose I am in the right place.

After I was called back and asked the same question several different times, “which eye, have you had anything to eat or drink, is someone with you, etc.” They were not happy with my answer of “yes” to the water question, but prepping to pay the penance for earlier transgressions, I decided to be honest and tell them, “well yeah, I drank some water.” I was dehydrated…

The nurse trying to give me my IV, missed the first time, or as she said, “the vessel keeps blowing up.” I count it as a swing and a miss. She said she would wait a little while before she tried again and put a few more drops of something in my eye, and then gave me a temporary tatoo of the word “yes” over my left eye.

She got the IV in me the second time and I “drank” 1 bag fairly quickly. They asked if I needed to use the restroom, which of course at the time I did not. Not sure if I was so nervous that I did not need it or if I was too dehydrated. Her medical opinion was that I was severely dehydrated from Saturday’s activity. I.V. ‘s are good for rehydration, I think I might try and get one for the home.

Surgery was scheduled for 11:30, but we did not get started until 12:30. They took me back to the operating room and past that I do not remember a damn thing. At some point during me being in altered state of consciousness, they did this. and this

and cleared out a plethora of scar tissue, removed the vitreous gel, and mind you, they used freakin’ lasers. That’s how tough I am!

Came back to consciousness and was greeted by my beautiful wife, and one question came to mind “how did I get here?”

“Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.”

I have not been in altered state of consciousness in quite some time (other than running), and have discovered I am not very good at it. So with a little help from Corinne I found my way to my bed and put myself down for several hours. Good riddance.

Had a check up this morning and the surgery went as good as it could. Will not know about how my vision is for a few weeks. I will have an air bubble in my eye for the next several days, and currently everything is blurry. Perhaps the only people who ever see bigfoot happen to have the same eye challenges that I do.

Sporting a patch today and have to have something over my eye for the next week, to keep it protected, so I will look like a pirate for next week or so…

not that kind of pirate you sickos!