Tuesday at Kennesaw

19 08 2008

Went for my regular Tuesday night run at Kennesaw with the GUTS group this evening and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to go over the mountain instead of the normal run. I managed to get over the mountain, but not in a normal running style, it hurt. Perhaps some of it was me not being fully recovered from the weekend, or maybe I just need to ramp up my training. Isn’t there an easier softer way…

On a positive note my downhills are improving. The technical rocky terrain still gives me a few issues and messes with my head more than anything. I only rolled my ankle once this evening!

On another positive note, when I got to the bottom of the mountain, I was 3rd in a group of 5, so I started my way back up the mountain to make sure the 5th was still in working order (this trail has taken its fair share of strong runners down into the dirt). He was not too far behind, so my uphill was limited, and for this I am truly grateful. But this is not the positive note, had I not turned around on the trail and backtracked, I would miss what about 7 people in the park were able to see with me…

DISCLAIMER:These are not the actual deer I saw, but they look similar.

Pretty friggin cool thing to see on an after work run in Atlanta. Actually I think it would be pretty cool to see no matter when or where, but this was a bonus for the run.

1280 foot elevation gain on the run, maybe 6 mile trail run, wild deer and fawn feeding in a true woods setting all during rush hour…and Atlanta gets a bad wrap for not being a good outdoor town. We should try and keep it this way.