Bad Eyes

My experience with eale’s disease…

In April 2008 I started notcing some changes in my left eye.  Long story short until I can post more,   I have been diagnosed with something called Eale’s disease.  This led me to having vitrectomy in June trying to help me regain some of my sight.  As of August, things are better but not normal visually.  As for eale’s disease other than affecting my eye, it seems to do nothing else.

For more info on what happened click on “eye trouble,” in the categories section.

Some info regarding eales disease can be found here, however if you have been diagnosed with this I would love to hear about it.’S%20[Eales]

This is about as good as it gets for finding information regarding this.  As of Mid September 2008 there are clinical trials being conducted in Portland at the University of Oregon’s eye center for a new drug that will hopefully help retain some of your vision.


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