I started trail running when I moved to Atlanta in 2004 to cut down on the culture shock of moving here from the mountains. So many people in such a small area was a little overwhelming, but the vast majority of them do not like to be in the woods. Hence my affection for trail-running, it’s a nice place to escape. Not saying I do not like people, just not en masse.

Additionally the running was a self prescribed quit smoking campaign, and as luck would have it, it seems to be working, at least thus far. Whenever I would have a craving I would go for a run, until the craving went away, and thus I became a distance runner of sorts.

My short term goal this year is to do some long-distance self support runs that are point to point of 20-40 miles in distance, and be able to walk the following day without any pain. I am open to any suggestions on how to achieve this consistently. reeve mcnamara


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22 08 2008

I love reading your blog and I love you very much! Where yat’?


8 10 2009

Hi there,

I came across your blog randomly from the GUTS web site (I’m new to this ultra running thing and am voraciously reading anything I can). Enjoyable reading. Are you a hair stylist for an Aveda salon? I used to do marketing for Aveda salons in the southeast (while living in New Orleans). I can’t say I ever met someone in that line of work that would be willing to run with me for miles on muddy trails!

Cheers to constantly battling the craziness of the big city. I’m a native Atlantan and love it, but running away to trails is really the only way I survive.

Take Care!

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