25 07 2009

Absolute worst headache ever!   I ran a long way on the Sunday before from the takeout of Bear Creek in Cloudland Canyon back to Chattanooga.  This was not a trail run but rather an adventure run through a couple of watersheds and one of the most amazing adventures I have been on. I was feeling pretty tired during the run, but attributed that to trying to keep up with Sam squared.

Who are Sam squared?  As far as I am concerned:

if you don’t know Sam Squared

you should not get to know Sam squared

’cause you wouldn’t understand Sam squared

So stay the f&%$ away from Sam squared

why me, why me

Maybe that is a little overboard, but these two are beasts.  Anyway the run was spectacular, it involved climbing, bouldering, cliff jumping, waterfall climbing, swimming, tresspassing, sightseeing, a stop at a summer camp, bonking, a broken finger, but oddly enough no t-shirt.  If the run had a t-shirt it would have been the most badass t-shirt ever.  As a matter of fact someone could’ve just handed out t-shirts from a Slayer concert, and that would have it almost covered, almost.

After the run I managed to toss all my cookies, 7 or so times, and then I got down to the business of eating and the long drive back to Atl. When I got home, Rinne managed to tell me when she saw me that I looked awful, but her words were much more colorful than that.  I woke up the next day, and felt absolutely awful, but I attributed this to being pulled along by Sam squared.  I went to work, but was about as helpful as (insert own witty comment here)

Cue the Doctors

I went to the Dr, and had my hand xrayed. Result: broken middle finger.  Cool, except I still feel awful and my concern is not the pain in my finger, my body is just aching.  

The nurse tells me my “resting pulse rate is 86, which is a little high.?.”  A little high, for the love of all that is holy, that’s way high, my normal resting pulse rate is below 50.  I am told this is to be expected after my activity form the day before.

I go home,  and immediately climb in bed.  My head is starting to hurt.  I sleep for a bit, but wakeup around 10 and have the worst headache I have ever had.  The pain was all over, and it felt like someone had my head in a vice.  I take 2 tylenol PM hoping my fever will go down, which was somewhere around 102.  I toss & turn until 4 AM when Rinne decides its time to go to the hospital.  I agree, but in my head I am thinking how awful it is that I am having to go to the hospital because of a run gone awry.  Oh Sam squared is going to dig this.  To give you an idea of the pain, I was holding my head and crying by the time I walked into the emergency room it hurt so bad.  I have managed to break 2 fingers, a toe, a kneecap, a foot, all without tears, but this was too much.

Kennestone hospital admitted me with open arms.  I love Kennestone.  I was asked a field of questions, and then given the mighty drug, Dilaudid.

Can you say freelapse!  I can!   Can I get an amen?  This stuff is amazing, really, and if you are addicted to it, let me be the firs to say I understand, and I do not blame you.  No judgements here, you go right ahead and keep on keeping on…

“Oh yeah” the Dr. says, ” we need to do a Spinal Tap.”  A spinal tap?   If you ever need to sober someone up rather quickly, tell them you are going to perform a Spinal Tap on them and make them believe it.   The medical term however is “lumbar puncture,” now there that sounds better, right? Aieeeeeeee.  Spinal tap went all the way to 11 for Viral meningitis.    I’m getting a room!

Flash forward, I am getting discharged a few days later, as the hospital is not the best place for me to be because of possible viruses & staph infections.  I think since I am getting discharged, things are getting better, apparently the virus hangs around more than just a few days.  It has been over a week since I was discharged, & naps seem to be #1 on my priority list.  I have tried running, though not very far & not very fast, and all it made me want to do is sleep when I get home. Speaking of…




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3 08 2009

K-4’s, nice, the majority of my patients favorite and heroin is a close second. Defenitely take your breath away and some say see pink unicorns. Glad you’re feeling better.

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