Humble Pie

7 06 2009

Today I went on my first run since breaking my toe in a tragic beach chair accident, that somehow I managed not scream obscenities about, the breaking of the toe, not the run.  Serenity… I seriously doubt it.  I have been impatiently waiting for a few weeks for this day.  I figured since I had spent some of the days the past few weeks doing trail maintenance at Sope Creek and we opened the new sections of trails yesterday, this would be a great place to go today.  And it was, well sort of.

The new reroutes on the Sope Creek trails are cool, but they shut down some of the old trails for erosion control.  I was not happy about this, especially since it was my job yesterday to post the “Area closed” signs.  I do not like losing trails, especially some of the best hills in the system, however this is only phase 1 of trail construction so there are more miles of new trails to come.  The new sections are ultra smooth, have great sight lines, and will hopefully not hold any water.  SORBA of Atlanta has been integral in making this happen and has garnered more than their fair share of volunteers thanks to trail steward Charles Myrick’s efforts.  He is a true advocate of not just mountain bikers, but of the trails themselves.  

Anyway back to my humble pie.  The run was the afternoon activity of the day, and I started the run with the idea of being on the widest flattest trail in the system, so as to not jar the toe too much.  Pain was minimal in the beginning and I settled into a slower than  normal pace, but I am ecstatic to be back running again.  I can tell my fitness has taken a little dive.  I think it has something to do with the time off, but more something to do with the EYE OF THE TIGER eyeing too much ice cream.  You scream.

I cruised along and was feeling ok, until I reached the downhill on the first new section of trail, and my toe began yelling obscenities at me that would make a kid with Torettes feel sorry for him.  Anyway, I pushed through knowing it was not too long of a down hill and I would be safely on uphill soon enough.  I did this for a few miles, and finally resigned to a walk/run/gimp strategy to make it back to the car.  It does not hurt bad to hike, so this seemed to be the way to go.

It was all well & good because I managed not to see anyone, so  ego was still in tact.  But it did not stay in tact.  I was hiking along and I was passed by one guy running.  Mind you he said nothing, made no gesture, just cruised on by minding his own business, but he was running, & I was insanely jealous.  Ok, if he can do it I can do it, and with him 10 paces or so in front of me I started running.  My toe yelled at me “who the f&%k do you think you are?”  I answered “Rocky, now shut up.”

Apparently my toe has a golden glove and I swear to (insert favorite deity here) it sucker punched me.

I stopped running, and settled back into my hike watching the runner in front of me trudge up the hill.  I’m thinking I want to do that, but resigned to being a hiker.  Hiking is not so bad, you notice things you do not normally see:  Owls hooting, Magnolias blooming, New contours in the landscape.  You also see things you do not normally see, or ever want to see, like a mother & her college daughter running together and passing you… UGH… but here come the real kicker, they each had a poodle with them.  I got passed by POODLES.    

Back to the waiting game, and taping of the toe, in hopes of a miraculous heal in the next couple of days. 

Does anyone have a better recipe for humble pie?




One response

8 06 2009
David Ray

The GUTS girls serve up the humble pie everytime I run with them. 🙂

Get better quicker.

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