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4 01 2009

Ok, so maybe this is not what they were talking about.  Went to the Chattahoochee for a longer run on Saturday and managed to get in 16 miles, although it took close to 2:45.  It is nice to be able to leave my house and drive for about 3 miles and be able to run on trails for 16 miles or so.  I am not sure who says Atlanta is not much of an outdoor town, but they would be dead wrong.  I saw a gaggle of geese, 3 blue heron, one really large person (but hey they were out there giving it), and two park rangers, one of whom I met recently under good circumstances.    His name is Will Overton, and if you come across him in the park say hello.  I do not think you will come across people who love this park more than the rangers.  

As I was coming back up the river on the left bank near a formation called the Marietta Mangler there was a horrible smell.  NOt the normal horrible hooch smell we are used to, but something with a little extra emphasis.  It is awful.  This is about a 1/4 mile downstream from Ray’s on the river.  When I went back under 285 I found the rangers at the park and reported it.   I told them I thought a septic tank was ruptured or something.  I wish you could have seen their faces.  They looked like I had told someone their dog had died.  There was true disappointment that the park they work & play in everyday is being even more polluted than it already is.  They thanked me and were off to check it out.  

It felt good to have a run in with a park ranger and not be scolded because my dog is not on a leash.  Good thing the dogs can not make the long runs anymore or this situation could have been entirely different.   No matter, the run was good and I felt as though I had accomplished something other than a long run by reporting a sewage leak into the river. 

I have to work today so I missing the Fatass!!!!  ARRRGGGGHHH- good luck to all those participating.




One response

4 01 2009
David Ray

Good run but you did miss the Fat Ass. Work gets in the way.

“You’re young and got your health. What do ya want with a job?”

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