Dark night running-

21 11 2008

Started my trail run from Sope Creek parking lot last night about 5:15 PM, and was bundled for the blast of cold that has hit Atlanta as of late.  I took off with water bottle in hand along with my flashlight in anticipation of the darkness.  I settled into a rather fast pace and it is the best run I have had in a while, I was feeling good, and the miles seemed to be flying by as my head was dreaming of my next big adventure (winter solstice run).

I passed a couple of people on my way down to the river as they were headed back up to the Sope Creek area for running.  It made me smile thinking there were some other people here that were willing to run here in the trails at night. As it started to get darker, I kept fighting the urge to turn on my head lamp as I really enjoying the feeling of being alone in the woods and running at night.  It goes back to something I think from the Pearl Izumi ad campaign of “run like an animal,” which always allows me to feel cool and want to run faster & harder.

I am not an animal.  Bravado got in the way and I would not turn on my head lamp and the result, was straining my quad.  I was heading down hill when my right foot caught something (I swear their is a troll on that hill) and sent me forward and I landed on my left foot, fulling loading my quad, and then collapsing on to the ground, yard-selling all my gear; water bottle, flashlight, one glove and my hat.  I think when i landed I saw dust fly up, but I am not sure because it was so dark.  Hmmmm, looks like I have found out when I need assistance with my night vision. I sat on the ground for a few seconds assessing the situation, and then laughing at myself. Nothing broken, and the only worse for wear as of now is a strained quad, and if I remember correctly, this heals fast. I dusted myself off, and was back up and running, but at a much slower pace, with my headlamp actually turned on this time. Duh!




3 responses

22 11 2008
David Ray

“yard-selling all my gear” – that made me laugh. Night running in the woods is fun but freaks me out.

24 11 2008

we’ve been spending a lot of time in the dark on trails lately and the full moon has made it fantastic. i always turn off the headlamp if i can manage it. bummer about the belly-flop, but doesn’t eating it on the trail make you feel even MORE like a kid? 😉

27 12 2008
Andrew Saar

Awesome man. I love those trails and agree about the night running. That and running in a torrential downpour are the two times I feel most badass, everyone else is sitting at home and instead your out busting it. Granted after running into my fair share of trees and ditches I’m a huge proponent of the headlamp now. 🙂

Hey man, you need to get your butt in gear and get a write up from the Solstice run up. I’m waiting with bated breath and need something to distract me from eating more Christmas cookies.

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