Back in the woods…

20 09 2008

So I’ve taken a little time off from reporting what I have been up to in my life, mainly because work has been so busy, but since my last report I’ve had my eyes checked, run 14 miles at Fort Mountain as training for the marathon up there, managed to get stung by no less than 6 yellow jackets within the first mile of the run and done a huge hair show for 5000+ people in Minneapolis.  I used to make fun of my boss for not having time to do anything before I was employed by him, saying “it’s only 4 hair salons, how hard can it be?”  I believe the term I am looking for is eating crow.

Well while in Minneapolis I was able to go on a few good runs crossing the Mississippi a few time on a pedestrian bridge and going down to check out the site of where the bridge collapsed into the river.  After our mainstage performance on Sunday evening there was an after party at Prince’s or the artist formerly known as Prince’s nightclub.  We were escorted along the red carpet past the crowds and straight into the club, kind of odd, but fun none the less. This is the closest thing I have ever experienced to being a celebrity.  Once inside the venue, I talked to a few too many people about hair and salons and decided it was my cue to leave.  As I left there was a 50 minute wait to get into the venue and I walked past the line which extended for the entire block.  I got back to my hotel and went for another run around Downtown Minneapolis which was relatively deserted.  This was one of the cooler runs I have done on pavement.  Late night in a city I did not know, looked deserted for the most part, you could run a long the river, and I borrowed an Ipod full of music I do not have nor would ever admit to having but loved listening to.  I will not divulge who it was but somewhere along the lines of 80’s metal hair bands, You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. 

At the event we worked an average 15 hours a day, and it has taken me a while to get back to feeling normal.  I’ve been sleeping like a baby and for about as long.   I managed only one run during the week, and this morning for the first time I got in a real run at Kennesaw.  I had a challenge getting motivated this morning as I was eating breakfast, so I went here and reread the book.  Motivation challenge was crushed!  I want to be an animal, preferably one higher on the food chain than most. 

I do not however want to be this animal.  I’ve never seen this thing before, and luckily some kind stranger on the trail stopped me halfway up the mountain to point it out and was kind enough to send me a picture of it.  This thing is something fierce I am pretty sure, and if it is like most caterpillars it will become a flying creature of some sorts, definetly not a docile butterfly, if anything it will become Mothra.  Maybe this is a Pterodactyl in it’s larva stage.  Whatever it is I think I’m going to have nightmares about it.  But hey if this thing can climb the mountain, I should be able to as well.  New motivation for the rest of the mountain.  The motivation started with the Run Like an Animal Campaign, then shifted to a woman of larger stature than most, who was giving it her all around Kolb Farm.  The look on her face, even though she was moving rather slow, was pure unadulterated determination.  She was definelty in the pain zone, but kept giving it her all. I am humbled, and motivated.  My final motivation for the day after making it over the mountain, meant there was some chocolate milk in my near future 5 miles more but it’s in the near future and keeps me going. … Chocolate Milk is under rated.   

Oh and for those of you wondering about my eye…no patch, and my vision is getting better & better.  No Glaucoma, so the prescription I was hoping for will not be doled out this week, but just you wait once I get it, we will have an essay contest and pass it on to, not the person who needs it most, but who is the most creative and can make me laugh.  So start gathering your stories and you might run into some legal issues, but I know a few good attorneys… Oh wait, back to the eye, I still see spots, but not nearly as many, and my central vision in my left eye is distorted, but my peripheral is amazing.  So as long as I do not focus, everything is allgood….  that sounds very Zen like… Oh my sweet Jesus, I’m turning into a hippie.  I’m going to go take a shower!!!




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20 09 2008

Yes, grasshopper it’s bad to focus on anything. Wow, you are turing into a hippie. I’ll be sure to bring some Vegan cookies for you on our next adventure.

On another note, I’ve been forced to admit that I am now actually training for the MMM. It was pointed out to me that what you and I consider not training is what sane people consider serious training. Hopefully that means I’ll survive on Nov 2.

23 09 2008
David Ray

I don’t think hippies took showers.

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