10 08 2008

Small break in the weather here in Atlanta on Friday, and I believe I ran the fastest I have run in a long time  What a difference 10 degrees makes.  In keeping with the flow went on a 20 mile road ride on Saturday and realized that when riding I always look over my left shoulder, which means I look with my left eye for traffic.  I had never noticed this before, and realized how this is now a challenge.  My left eye is not completely back to normal which causes the vision to still be a little distorted.  I guess I am going to have to be more conscious of it all now.  

After the ride Trevor and I wen on a nice casual pace run.  It is the very least I could do since Trevor led the bike ride at a comfortable pace.  We went to Sope and headed towards the river.  I thought we should run down to the river and straight back up and decided Graveyard trail would be the easist one to go down for footing.  I chose poorly…

Roughly 200 yards into the trail my left foot caught a root and I like many causes of the common cold, was airborn.  I thought I would be able to pull my feet under me, but as soon as that thought came in I was on my chest sliding down the trail.  My water bottle abandoned ship on the way down and landed about 10 feet from me.  Trevor caled “safe,” and pointed out that I had slid about 5 feet.  I could not get up at first, as I was doing a mental check to see if my body was ok, and then I could not get up because  I was laughing.  Its been a while since I have taken flight running.  When I got home I noticed the waist band of my shorts was full of debris from the slide, and I had some brusies to match those on my arm underneath the shorts.  

Now off for a Sunday jaunt, that will hopefully be less exciting.




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10 08 2008

falls are fun as long as they don’t result in not being able to continue training. glad you didn’t hurt anything!

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