Sunday at the river

28 07 2008

Got up at 6:50 to try and get a longer run in today. I had to work this afternoon, hence me getting out fo bed earlier than normal on a weekend. I had every intention of running ath Kennesaw, but as I awoke a little late I had a inkling to go to the river. Maybe it was the shorter distance helping to influence this decision. Started out at the Sope Creek lot and stayed on the main trail all the way down to the river, and managed to keep from seeing anybody until I hit the gravel path.

Snuck under the bridge at 285 and crossed the river and headed down the trails on the river left side for a few miles. Ran all the way down to I-75 with no challenges. From the bridge onI- 75 down to highway 41 the trail does not get much use, and a has what i would call a plethora of underbrsh including some thorns & stickers. Hit Hwy 41 and used the BP as aid station at about mile 7.5 and then headed upstream on river right and back toward the car.

Felt good about the run, but was shocked to see it took me 2:20 to cover 14 miles. I’d like to think the heat was a fator, but since it was realtively ealry run I’m not sure I can blame it on that. Maybe I’m getting slower. I’m using the Garmin 405 now so maybe it can help speed me up. Oh another thing that could have slowed me down, was when I was cleaning up I found 3 freeloading ticks on my legs. They could’ve been on me the whole run, that should add 30 minutes or so right? I hate freeloaders, I think I’m going to blame being slower on them for right now until I come to terms with something people call acceptance.




2 responses

31 07 2008

The BP aid station, HA! that’s a good one. Did you get a chocolate chip cookie? I think i remember eating a couple of them at that stop on one of our death marches…

31 07 2008

ticks are HEAVY.

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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