24 07 2008
Got the rock back!

Got the rock back!

Well at least from my vacation and today’s run. Getting caught back up at work and doing my best to adjust to running in Atlanta again with the summer heat. I ran 9 miles today at a slower pace than normal, but it was nice to be able to run on trails, relatively alone, after work, in a city with 5 million people.

Vacationing in Seattle and then heading up to Canada did not help with my acclimation, but at least is not been as hot as it usually is.

I went to the Dr, guess what she told me, guess what she told me… my vision has improved! Not that I did not notice it, but to what degree the improvement is was lost on me, I just knew it was “better.” She expects it to keep improving and if I continue at the same rate of improvement this next month I should have x-ray vision, and be the envy of eagles everywhere. Ok, well maybe that is going slightly overboard, but you can dream.

There was one challenge though with my eye, there is still fluid behind one portion not allowing the retina to lie (or is it lay, either way you know the point I’m trying to make) completely flat. The result is by closing my right eye and looking through only my left, I can shrink your head. Sure this has some fallbacks, but for keeping me entertained when I have a troublesome eyesore, well that’s just priceless. So if you happen to be talking to me, and I start to giggle, and you know for a fact you are not funny, check to see if I’m winking at you, if not perhaps you have something hanging from your nose.

To try and rectify the Dr suggested we take a conservative approach and is having me administer 4 drops a day for a month of some new very expensive eyedrops. In addition I am back on steroids, which means by the end of the summer my lefteye is going to be looking totally buff. I’m going to buy him some trips to the tanning bed once he is fully pumped to round out his new persona.

This is the conservative approach to help my retina get back to normal. I like conservative and I hope it works because the alternative, (and keep in mind the dr. said this in passing like it was no big deal) is an INJECTION. I know, I know, being conservative has never sounded so good to me in my life.

But wait an injecton… why do Dr’s just not lie to their patients anymore. Really, there was a time when they would tell you it was not going to hurt a bit, or that it was ok not to floss, or that smoking was good for you. I am disappointed in their honesty. I am putting the drops in on schedule according to an atomic clock as to avoid this whole injection thing and I hope it works. Needles in general do not bother me, they help deliver some great chemicals to all sorts of people, but one to the eye, “no thank you,” no matter what’s in it. And for the record I’ve not made the “cross my heart hope to die promise” since the first ordeal, so maybe it’ll work in my favor.




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26 07 2008
David Ray

That leash comment cracked me up on the GUTS forum. Good one.

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