O Canada!

18 07 2008

Back in Seattle after a few days in Squamish & Whistler.  Most of my sentences while I was there began with “in my country,”.  This does not seem to be the way to win over the natvies, eh?  

Plan on downloading some pics and will post them when I get back to Atlanta along with some of the reports on the local runs.  As for the trails up here, no more making fun of the Canadians for anything for me, these people have amazing trails in their parks.  Pretty sure these trails would not be open to the public here in the states, well at least not in Georgia.  We climbed 2000 feet in 1.2 miles.  More on that when I can post a few photos.

And speaking of things visually, the pacth has come off & I am no longer masquerading as a pirate.  Vision in my left eye is still a little off, as I can not tread the font size I am typing in with only my left eye.  I have a dr’s appointemtn on Tuesday and will know more then.  On a good note, I do not currently have to worry about blood vessels popping in my eye and making everything I see look like a scene from Carrie.




One response

18 07 2008
David Ray

Sounds good. Looking forward to the pics.

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