Snowball fight in July?

13 07 2008

Somehow I managed to fly 1st class out here to Seattle, and I feel like it really suits me.  You know when you just feel like you belong?  I was kind of disappointed when I got on the plane because we turned left to get to first class, so I was unable to watch all those poor, poor souls march it back into coach.  What’s the point of living it up if you can’t rub anyone’s nose in it?   

Anyway 1st class was not what I though it would be.  You can get free aclohol, but you have to pay for Vitamin Water…. I feel jipped.  I arrived in Seattle at about 2 am eastern time. and was a little groggy to say the least.   

We got a late start after allowing me to sleep in some and we headed for our first adventure of the week  a hike to Snow Lake.  We started at about 3000 feet at a local ski area about 50 miles outside of Seattle.   A remote secluded hike, this is not, there were about 60 cars in the parking lot for the trailhead, but do not let that deter you, this is worth it.  We hiked for 2 miles passing through snow fields, trees, & rock gardens until the junction of the Snow Lake trail. 

The mountains are huge here compared to Kennesaw!

We climbed about 700 feet in half a mile to reach the rim.  We thought we would have a great view of the lake, which we did, but it just happened to be covered in snow. We ate lunch at the overlook and then made our descent.  Somewhere along the way down through the snowfields we had a snowball fight in 90 degree weather.  I think I could get used to this.




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13 07 2008

It’s a hard knocks life

31 07 2008

i used to live in issaquah and would run the snow lake trail all the time. there are so many great trails all along the i90 corridor. that brings back great memories! glad you enjoyed your time up there.

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