Running pirates… really?!

7 07 2008

Sedentary life is now history. Today I finally got to run again… with my patch! I got a few funny looks from some people along the flat loop at Cochran shoals. I even managed to keep the run relatively classy by staying on the flats with only a small diversion into the single track and one nice little hill.

All said I managed 5 miles and it felt great to be out and running again, albeit as a cyclops. I never thought running would have such a hold on me, but it does, and the past 2 weeks of not being in the woods have been more painful than any run.

With that said, I now finally understand when people would say “well at least he has his health” when referring to someone down on their luck. I did not grasp what it would be like to not be healthy, and I have now been given a very brief (thankfully) idea of what it would be like. Gratitude is not a word that fully explains how I feel now for what I have, but it comes close.

Back to the trails tomorrow, I’ve got my rock back, and in case you’re wondering I’m smiling.




2 responses

7 07 2008
David Ray

Cool. How’s the depth perception thing working with the eye patch?

8 07 2008

hmmmm Depth perception, I think that might be the reason I wear the eye patch, because mine is a little off, and I tend to bump things more. I’ve managed to shoulder check a few trees, and hit a couple more branches than normal. I think I do this normally, but now I have an excuse.

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