5 07 2008

We stayed in town for the 4th of July weekend, which was a first for us of having a long weekend and spending it in the city.  We were regular Americans for the weekend and it turned out pretty spectacular for being sedentary.  We went to a couple of gatherings on the 4th with friends and then  Rinne & I ditched everyone for our evening fireworks gazing.  Rinne wanted to see fireworks, but my affection for crowds was putting a cramp in her style.  I did however offer up an alternative that might suit us both.  

I have been sedentary for 2 weeks now, and decided a light hike would help satiate some of my energy and low and behold a hike up Kennesaw would allow us to see fireworks as well.  Sweet sweet compromise.  Rinne being the trooper she is, decided to break the law with me and venture into Kennesaw park, at night  (cool right…I know we’re rebels like that. screw the man!)  

After a nice slow hike, as to not elevate my heart rate and keeping my eye from popping out, we crested the mountain under hundreds of loud chest vibrating booms.  As we emerged from the tress, the view was astounding, we could see fireworks shows as far away as Stone Mountain and North toward Cartersville and everywhere in between.  I am positive we saw more fireworks than anyone else in Atlanta that night, except for maybe a few pilots.  I have been to the top of Kennesaw countless times, but never seen a view like this. We were high enough that we were above all of the fireworks, which was a perspective I have never experienced before.  If I’m in Atlanta again for a 4th of July, I will be here.  To make it even better we had the mountain to ourselves, well at least we were the only humans up there.




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7 07 2008
David Ray

Sounds cool. I’m not such a fireworks fan, but that would be worth the hike.

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