The eyes have it

1 07 2008

Ok well at least one of them does. What is “it”?

STEROIDS!!! They are no longer just for breakfast & muscles anymore.

My left eye has been hitting the gym and and roiding out for the past week. Occasionally left eye will go into a rage and threaten right eye. Right eye is pretty tough and holds his ground, but if things came to a head, my money is going on left eye, at least for now.

As a matter of fact my Left eye could not only kick your left eye’s pucker it could put the smack down on your right eye as well. BRING IT! If I were more creative I would draw a cartoon description of this, however I am lacking in that skill, but mind you it would be one tough looking, pucker kicking right eye. Kind of like this, but tougher with more visible veins, no smile, and maybe a few pimples on its back.

not too tough eye

Wow, that is what its been like living with my left eye for the past week, I can not wait for things to get back to normal.

Normal; the eye doctor I saw today says I am far from it, but heading in that general direction. Which means, no running for at the very least another week, however I can now take leisurely strolls in the woods as long as I do not go fast enough to break a real sweat. No swimming or kayaking allowed until I get the clearance from them and apparently, after my discussion with them this morning, they do not allow you to ever get back in the Chattahoochee.

The eye is healing as they expected, but I still have some bleeding which is keeping my vision in the left eye blurred for now, and we will not know for a few more weeks if my vision is equal to that of the right eye. I still am to avoid direct sunlight, and bright lights, so on a good note, I still get to sport my black patch, which makes me feel tough.

Oddly enough the eye patch is the clothing accessory that I have had more compliments on than anything else I’ve ever owned. Perhaps the idea of a Prada patch may have some merit, but then again, sporting a designer patch may take away from looking “murdered out”.

I’m going to cheer myself up and watch Goonies…




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