A kick in the eye

18 06 2008

Oh mother of God! On Monday I am scheduled to have a Vitrectomy on my left eye. I have been aware of a small challenge in my eye since the beginning of April and have been trying to discover, or rather letting the Medical professionals discover what is wrong. I have been to a few Doctors, and had more pictures taken of my eye than of Hannah Montana. I have had enough blood drawn to where I can now tap the vein out myself, without the use of the belt.

I have a macular pucker in my left eye and neo-vascularization in the retina. I like to think I am just the next step in evolution, but they say “nay” to that. They told me at one point it could be one of several diseases, none that were particularly appealing to be afflicted with. After several weeks of worrying about having various diseases that have benefits, dinners, and armbands to raise awareness, they ruled them all out.

I have been diagnosed with Eale’s disease, which is a diagnosis of exclusion, or idiopathic. In other words they do not know what causes it, just that I have the symptoms. All in all this is a good thing. If you have to have a rare disease, apparently this is the one to have. So if you make a deal with the devil, this could be a negotiation point for you.

See like I do by going here and sliding the scale to advanced: http://www.visionsimulator.com/dme.asp

I asked the Dr. about the surgery and the need for it, and her answer, “you could go blind” in a very matter of fact tone. I told her the Nuns told me the same thing and it never happened. She did not even crack a smile.

So now onto the surgery. Apparently I will be conscious when they stick a few things in my eye, so to say the least I am nervous, but apparently it should make everything better, but the big thing is, I am not supposed to run for a few weeks, nor lift anything heavy, nor write any more run-on sentences. I think I am more worried about this part than anything else.

In honor of not being able to exercise for a few weeks I will be doing my Solstice run this Saturday in the Smokies. If you want to join me, let me know. Oh and for those of you paying attention, the trail ends at the lake, far from any roads, I have arranged for a Jetski shuttle out. For the route you can vist: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=210799




3 responses

20 06 2008
David Ray

Eye surgery. That’s gotta suck. I guess the positive will be seeing again.

Let us know how the run goes in the Smokies. Then how the poke in the eye turns out.

Here’s to a speedy recovery and running again soon.

16 02 2009
Paul Vetter

Sorry to get on this so late. I am sorry about your eye – dude the nun comment is damn funny. and the nurse should be fired for not laughing at that.

19 01 2010

very funny, that is real humor, when you laugh about your own misfortune.
hope you get better soon

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