Jacks River-Falls Run

16 06 2008


Something along the lines of 11.5 or so miles in the woods, along the Beech bottom trail to the Jacks river trail. 5 of us left Atlanta around 8 and were on the trail by about 10:30, and took a leisurely stroll into the trail with one older dog and one dog that thinks he can fly, literally.

Watch your footing

jacks river push

Nice wide trail to lead in to the falls, covered by Rhododendron, some old growth Hemlocks, minimal underbrush for the woods of Georgia. At about 2.5 miles \into the Beech Bottom trail you can hear the roar of the falls about a mile an half away on trail, and a few hundred feet below you. Reached the falls and I was expectung to see crowds, but only one other group of hikers were there, who left pretty quickly.

Hung out at the falls for a couple of hours, swimming, climbing, eating lunch and enjoying having the falls to ourselves. Once other people started arriving to the falls we decided it was time to start the runs. Trevor & I headed down stream for a little longer run out along the Jacks river trail.

The trail is relatively flat, but rocky and rooty for the majority of the run. I took a nice trip about a mile into the run and landed with all my weight on my right foot, loading my quad until Trevor and I both heard a little pop. Ouch… oh well 5 miles in, better keep running. We continued on the run from the falls downstream, and just when you would get into a good stride, there would be a river crossing.

And then running again and another river crossing. And then running again through a couple more river crossings. Trevor became a little bored with this rhythm and decided to test out running on the side of his ankle. He does not recommend this particular running style. After a few limps he decided to HTFU, and we continued on for the final leg where we were met by the rest of our group from the falls who were kind enough to help us with the shuttle.




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